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Blessed with two little ones despite PCOS

February 01, 2018

By: Imelda Lee

For most people, hospitals denote gloominess, sadness. But for me, it's the opposite. My name is Imelda Lee, 48 years of age, married with two daughters. I belong to the hopeless romantics whose sole ambition in life is to marry after college and have kids. But fate dictated otherwise. I married at 32, so after just six months of marriage, my husband and I decided to go to an OB-GYNE for a checkup.

But after another six months of tests and treatments, nothing happened. My best friend recommended her OB, Dr. Leonardo Almeda of Cardinal Santos Medical Center to us. We heeded her advice and went to have our workup with him. My husband and I had to undergo physical evaluation. I also had a blood test. We found out that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which means I don’t ovulate regularly.

Dr. Almeda had me take a series of injections but since we can’t go to the hospital everyday, my husband has to be the one to inject me. After the first cycle of my workup, we were very anxious for the result. It was a fail because my period came. Dr. Almeda advised me to rest for a month then after, we can just continue with the second cycle. After only two cycles of my workup, we finally saw that elusive additional line in my nth pregnancy test. All throughout the course of my pregnancy, Dr. Almeda was very kind, accommodating and patiently answered all our questions.

When the time came for me to give birth, I had mixed emotions of excitement and fear but the staff and nurses of Cardinal Santos hospital made my stay less scary. The nurses who monitored my BP, who checked my temperature, always had a cheerful disposition, ready to greet me with a warm hello. So when I found out that I was pregnant again, I am assured that all things will be okay for I know that I can depend on the people who will help me along the way.