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Cardinal Medical Charities Foundation Inc.

Cardinal Medical Charities Foundation Inc.

Medical Assistance Program ("MAP")

Providing the best medical care for underprivileged.

The program provides financial grant to indigent patients of Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC). It includes Out Patient services, subsidized hospitalization, surgical missions and inter-agency referral.

Share A Meal ("SAM")

Improving health one meal at a time. 

Share-a-Meal is a 120 Day Supplemental Feeding Program designed to provide nutritional and medical support to children diagnosed with malnutrition. 


                 o To serve a well-balanced lunch meal to children categorized as wasted and severely wasted from 3 to 7 years of age 
                o To introduced to the children the concept of healthy eating habits by exposing them to healthy meal choices 
                o To inculcate the importance of regular medical check-up for children. 
                o To improve the health status of the selected children in terms of weight gain, strong immunity characterized by a decrease in sickness acquired during the six months program. 

Program Components 

                o Daily Lunch (120 Days) 
                o Medical Check-Up 
                o Parent Involvement

Health Advocacy and Literacy (HEAL)

Kalusugan ay mahalaga. Alamin at palaganapin. 

The program provides relevant information and education campaigns on disease prevention and control 
in the community to improve the health seeking behavior of the members of the community. 


                o To implement an integrated community health education and advocacy program customized to the need of the community that will improved their level of understanding of relevant health issues and concern of their community 
                o To develop healthy habits and practices as well as improvement of the health seeking behavior of identified members of the community 
                o To set-up a platform of collaboration and referral system between and among local government units, like-minded organizations to make healthcare services accessible and available towards 
achieving better health outcomes 
                o To be a recognized partner of the community in providing relevant health programs and initiatives addressing low health literacy rate of underprivileged communities 

Program Components: 

                o Once a month community health lecture 
                o Strategic training and skills enhancement for Barangay Health Workers (BHW) 
                o Better access and availability of preventive health services e.g. screening, diagnostic procedures in partnership with CSMC Out Patient services.

Outreach Mission

In partnership with the Caring Cardinal Volunteers

The program extends health services to other communities with an expressed need for health services and support, served as a volunteering platform for CSMC Community. The program includes Health and Wellness Outreach Program and Post Disaster Response.